Commonly used for decking, fences, flooring and panelling. Kwila, a South East Asian rainforest hardwood that is also known as Merbau, is a durable, dark reddish brown timber that is high in tannin content. It may require repeat applications of Feast Watson Woodclean prior to coating.

Radiata Pine

Used widely for furniture, wall or ceiling lining boards, plywood, particle board and general construction. Radiata Pine, a common plantation softwood is a pale yellow wood that is suitable for interior use only - unless preservative treated (i.e. Treated Pine). It is ideal for staining.


Commonly used on furniture, veneers and ship’s decking, Teak is a golden brown Asian hardwood with a waxy or greasy feel.

Treated Pine

Commonly found on decks, pergolas and fences. Treated Pine is Radiata Pine that has been pressure treated to resist decay, termites and fungi. This treatment involves saturating the timber, so it is essential to leave Treated Pine to dry properly before staining.