Prooftint Traditional Stain Prooftint Colour Reducer
Description Traditional spirit based dye stain that may be used neat to achieve rich deep colours or diluted with Prooftint Colour Reducer to achieve lighter shades. Colours can be mixed together to achieve
an exact colour match or custom shades
Colour Reducer enables the creation of lighter, more subtle timber shades.
Where to use All interior timber including floors, furniture, trim, panelling, window frames, skirting boards, doors, Plyboard and MDF. When staining larger projects and floors, dilute Prooftint in Colour Reducer to get more working time and to distribute the stain evenly.
Preparation Products Proofseal (oily timber & floors), Timber Primer (soft & porous timbers inc. pine), Sanding Sealer (open/rough grain)
Finish / Appearance Rich Colour. Allows full clarity of timber grain to show through. Apply top coat to achieve desired sheen level Lighter, more subtle timber shades.
Apply with Brush, Rag or Lambswood Floor Applicator Brush, Rag or Lambswool Flooring Applicator
10 to 20 (undiluted) 10 to 20 (depending on the porosity of the timber)
Number of coats 1 (or more) 1 (or more)
Recoat time 30 minutes (neat), 1 hour (diluted) 1 hour
Clean up with Methylated Spirits Methylated Spirits
Sizes 50ml, 250ml, 1L 1L