Floorseal Oil

Hardened Tung Oil, Satin Finish

Tung oil with added resins to provide additional durability and resistance to wear. Being tung oil based, Floorseal Oil nourishes timber and enhances its natural character with a satin finish.

It is perfect for coating new floors, or recoating previously coated timber floors, and it is easily maintained and recoated.

surface preparation

New or bare timber/cork:
Punch exposed nails below the surface. Note that holes and imperfections should be filled with timber putty after the first coat of Floorseal Oil to match the putty colour with the coated timber colour. Sand timber to an even, smooth surface. Vacuum and wipe to remove dust.

Previously coated surfaces:
Previous coatings need to be removed by sanding surface back to bare timber. Vacuum to remove dust



Surfaces to be coated must be dry and free from all dirt, dust, grease, wax and oil. Floorseal Oil should be mixed thoroughly, with a flat blade stirrer, before and during application, taking care NOT to introduce bubbles.

Apply with a Feast Watson Floor Finish Applicator, brush or short nap mohair roller. Do NOT apply product using spray equipment. Work along the whole length of 3 to 4 floorboards at a time, maintaining a wet edge to prevent lap marks and lay off in the direction of the grain. Take care to not introduce bubbles.

Apply a minimum of two coats of Floorseal Oil, ensuring that the first coat is thoroughly dry prior to applying the second coat.

Lightly sand after the first coat to remove all raised grain and to provide a smooth surface for the second coat, vacuum to remove dust.

After the second coat, if a higher gloss level is required, apply further coats until desired appearance is achieved.



Allow Floorseal Oil to cure for a minimum of 4 weeks before polishing. Regularly clean using floorclean. Rejuvenate with Feast Watson Floorshine Polish.


  • Where to useTimber and cork flooring, parquetry, timber benchtops, stairways, handrails, furniture, doors and trim
  • Number of coats2
  • Recoat time12 hours. Ensure first coat is thoroughly dry before applying second coat
  • Dry timeAllow 24 hours before light foot traffic and 72 hours for normal traffic. Full curing after 7 days
  • Clean upMineral Turpentine
  • Sizes available1L, 4L,